Letter to the Editor: Mother Earth called me again, and it was complicated | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the Editor: Mother Earth called me again, and it was complicated

Gordon Haines

I was honored to receive another call from Mother Earth. “Greetings,” she proclaimed.

“I’ve told of my efforts over the past 13,000 years to warm myself in preparation for the coming ice age. I do what I can, but really, I’m waiting for when the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars to really get serious. Gravitational pull from these, my three heavenly siblings, can bring me closer to or farther from the sun. This effect and the sun’s temperature cycles are the significant factors that influence my climate. 

“Humans are naive thinking their activities have any significant influence on my climate compared to my siblings and the sun. Human experiences are from just a blink of an eye of my billions of years of fine-tuning. My sea level has varied more than 400 feet. It is presumptuous to assume that the climate and sea levels as they are today are how they ‘should be’ in the future.

“My climate will continue to warm, mostly out of my control and yours, but I’ll take whatever help I can get to prepare for the coming ice age. So I was pleased to see that Mauna Loa is finally spewing massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

“I’m also pleased that more installations of massive solar panel farms are coming online. About 30% of the small amount of the sun’s energy that I receive is reflected back into space in the form of light and heat (that’s why you can see me from the moon). Those black solar panels get really hot while absorbing more and more of the sun’s energy, helping me warm. Plus those batteries get hot. Some even catch on fire. Till next time. Goodbye.”

I thought, “Wow! It’s complicated.”

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