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Letter to the editor: Moving forward is our most important decision today

Emmett Bailey

Our dear country may be young still, but the world is not. This is not the first election in our record fraught with fear of our neighbors, fear of retribution for dissimilar values. In the scope of the world, generations have asked the same questions of each other that we ask now. What will happen when this change consumes us? What will happen when it is all over? What will happen to me? Or to you? Will we be OK in the end?

I believe we spend all too much time mourning a fate that may not exist; it is far easier to fear the future than to devise a plan. Today, I sense a rush to confuse adversity for impossibility, optimism for naivete, empathy for surrender, confusion for setback.

We all may feel anger, so this is the time for empathy. We all may be preparing for despair, so this is the time for hope. We all feel fear, but this is the time for courage. The first stanza of Mother Teresa’s poem “Do it Anyway” asks us to forgive each other anyway, and why not? And as it has been said, our principles only really have value when they are truly needed, so perhaps this is the time to stand by them.

These next months are likely to feel tense. What will feel like a grueling sprint to the finish for some will feel like the ultimate defeat to others. For better or worse, this election will just be a point in our history. And we will press on, no matter what. In World War II, Winston Churchill said that no victory is final and no defeat is fatal. So today, just like then, moving forward in spite of ourselves will be our most important decision.

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