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Letter to the editor: Not all will be lost, but now is the time to endure

No one ever elected to be thrust into the gnashing cogs of history. No one ever voted to mire themselves in the Great Depression or face the ultimate sacrifice in either of the World Wars. But we confronted them anyway, as a common people, and now those cornerstone events are part of every history book.

Those stories feel like an abstraction now. They’re hardly events we can really feel in our bones the same way it feels to lose your security in life or the anchoring presence of a loved one. But real people lived through those very real and dire times, even though it’s hard to argue it was ever fair.

As the cliché goes, we are all riding the galloping horse of history. As the the 20th century was defined by challenge, so too will the 21st. So the question is not “Who is to blame?” but “What can we do? How shall we adapt?”

Someday not long from now, even the pandemic of COVID-19 will likely earn its place in curriculums throughout the world. What we knew and came to expect may even be different when social distancing ends completely months or even years from now.

I understand that times are hard. Perhaps it brings a sense of relief to select someone to blame for all the fear and pain, to recognize someone we know or a system we understand as a true enemy of the people. Despair is certainly within reason. But it cannot get the best of us. It cannot be allowed to conquer our creativity, our generosity or the simple fact that we all share the weight of this burden. The economy will reopen, without a doubt. Not all will be lost. But now is the time to endure.

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