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Letters to the editor: It’s not cheap being green

It is great that the Breckenridge Town Council backed away from a plan to force the entire town — private citizens and businesses included — to switch fully to renewable electricity energy sources by 2035. It was dismaying, however, to hear that the council remains open to the idea. Consider the following:

Even Germany, with the most ambitious renewable agenda, believes it can do no better than 45 percent renewable electricity generation by the year 2030 and 100 percent by 2050 (Forbes, 3/17), yet Breckenridge may be forced to achieve the level of 100 percent renewables by 2035.

Currently, Germans pay two times more for electricity than do Americans. According to Der Spiegel, Germans now consider electricity to be a “luxury good.” How can town council ignore this potential cost?

A higher cost of energy hits hardest at low- and middle-income residents. Some say, prices are coming down so it won’t be more expensive. Why, then, does the plan require “strategies” — to be written later — to protect lower-income households?

Ironically, the need for “backup power” keeps conventionally sourced energy plants operating but less efficiently, so carbon emissions have not decreased as hoped in Germany. How can town council not address this complexity?

There are no stated physical constraints or limitations related to this “goal.” So, what’s next? Wind turbines and solar arrays in front yards, the historic district and McCain?

Some say this is “only a goal,” implying that it is non-binding and therefore nothing to worry about. If it is only a goal, then why a resolution at all? The town has many goals which are not resolutions. The reality is that proponents openly acknowledge they want a mandate. This kind of resolution will provide a rationale for shutting off debate in the future.

It is disheartening that the town council thinks it has the authority to intrude so deeply into the personal decisions of its residents and business owners and force purchase of a certain product. Where does this authority come from? Does it allow the town to limit how much energy you can use in your home?

Until the town council addresses these issues — in public, seriously — this “100 Percent Green” campaign will remain very dangerous in its unintended consequences.

Gretchen and Robert Dudney


My New National Anthem

My national anthem does not involve the key notes of C and D

It does not include our homeland

America the brave

My national anthem speaks to our mothers and fathers

Our grandfathers and grandmothers

Because America did not create us

We created America

We created the life we live

The shrieks and cries abrupt from the mantel of our earth

We destroy America choosing renovation over exploration

And impediment over progression

We crowd the streets of concrete jungles

And thrive off of the energy of others

We are powerful.

We are connected.

We are strong.

We are a barrel of monkeys linked by the tails

If one monkey falls

Do the ones under it fall?

Are we all linked by the tail

Or do we connect to hands…legs…feet?

If my national anthem was shown publicly

If there weren’t any secrets

If everyone could see what we are really doing

No cover ups

No secrets

No scandals

The truth.

How would we react?

If we could witness a happy jewish family slaughtered by one man

Would we change?

If we saw someone getting beaten by a so called “equal”

Would we jump in front?

If we saw hired assassins kill

How would we stop it?

If we witnessed an innocent child getting shot due to racism

Would we revolt?

And if we saw a corrupt president

How many people would turn a blind eye?

When I make my national anthem, i think of a seed

We are all spouted from the same trees

We are like apples falling, decomposing and growing

When we grow we live

When we live we create

Another apple falls and the process begins again.

We are all connected


And through the first tree, the first apple fallen.

If we are all apples created by one tree

Why aren’t we equal?

My National Anthem is not just mine

It is the African Americans brought to America in chains

It is the women who were forced to cook, clean and serve men

It is the L, the G, the B, the T, and the Q that have to hide their love because of judgements

It is the religious minorities being sceptical to share their views with others

It is for people with disabilities

It is for people not depending on age

It is for people that speak a different language

For people that listen to different music

For people that eat different food

Dress differently

Act differently.

We are all people

And we all came from the same tree

And the same Earth.

The magical Mary Poppins bag turns into the monkey barrel

And no matter how many monkeys are in the link, there will always be space.

America is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Without African Americans

Without Women

Without L, G, B, T, and Q

Without disabilities

Without differences,

Humans would not be humans

And america would not be america

Without America, without the people there would be no national anthem

Unless the national anthem includes everyone equally, it is not a national anthem i stand by

Unless it includes everyone, this is my new national anthem.

Anna Lindholm


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