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Letter to the editor: Now is an opportune moment to translate action into promise

The country is beginning to turn over. Can you feel it? These questions of justice, equality, fairness, respect, freedom and retribution have come to visit us once again. And they’re old questions, too. Older than any protestor, any trespasser, any perpetrator, any movement. They’re even older than this country. Perhaps it is a pity that despite the historic villainy, cruelty, and discrimination over this Earth’s people, we once again see plainly how large the racist tumor of the U.S. has remained. It is perhaps clear to say that the process of building this country in which all humans are born equal is very much still underway.

We live in a paradox; we reside in a country founded on the principle that all people are created equal, but that ideal has yet to exist. In conceiving this nation, our forefathers declared an ideal. They did not give us a gift, rather they issued us a challenge: that through the lessons of what it means to be human, and the sacrifices of the abused generations before us, we would get it right. Having never been done, and under the scrutiny of the entire world, we will finally provide the answer to freedom and equality.

We shall be encouraged by details. Now is an opportune moment to translate action into promise. What reforms shall we demand? How do we demand them? How shall they be upheld? Going from ideal to reality requires the hard slog through the details. It requires patience, collaboration, empathy and understanding. But as one of many promises to all communities beleaguered by social injustice, we shall redouble our efforts. Petition for change where you can, request change in police union leads. And, of course, vote for officials who will hear us.

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