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Letter to the editor: Our democracy depends on Trump’s defeat

Cesar Munoz

Just for the record — and in defense of letter writer Dave Brewster — the U.S. flag cannot only be hijacked, it can be weaponized! Google “Soiling Old Glory” to see the 1976 Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of a white protester about to skewer a Black man with a staff bearing Old Glory. Not all flag-wavers are “very fine people.” Also, consider that the U.S. flag probably flew proudly from a staff as soldiers stormed and massacred Cheyenne and Arapaho tribe members at Sand Creek, the white flag of truce flying at their encampment had also, like Old Glory, become a meaningless cloth.

But more to the point, like Brewster, I can tell the difference between a flag flaunted almost challengingly on a pickup and the one displayed demurely but respectfully on my neighbor’s house. Consequently, I wouldn’t approach the occupant(s) of such a vehicle. One look at my brown face and guns would be drawn. I could be one of those “rapists” or criminals from Mexico that Trump warned about. 

It’s paramount to consider context and subtext. Context: Now in Trump’s America, mobile flag-wavers are his supporters; however, in the 1960s, they would have been hawks supporting the Vietnam War. Anyone who supports or votes for the most dangerous man in history is morally bankrupt or ignorant or some of both — like Trump! And like Trump, these people scare me.  Subtext: Such an ostentatious flag display is actually a subtle “dog whistle” to rally or to inform other Trump supporters, saying “I’m with you.” Obviously! Look at the number of Summit Daily News letters spawned in defense of this unknown “patriot.” And for me, this is problematic.

I hope these are the only votes Trump will receive because our democracy, our lives and our planet depend on Trump’s defeat.

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