Letter to the Editor: Parental rights are currently under attack in the US

Maarten Meinders

Am I the only one who thinks this society is going crazy?

For all of history, it has been understood that children deserve an unencumbered childhood being allowed to play, discover the world as the parents lovingly cared for them and protected them from realities that that would disturb their innocence or mental development depending on their age. This means shielding them form the harsh and evil realities of the real world, like war, torture, abortion, slasher movie, and yes sex, which represents the most intimate and profound expression of love and commitment between a man and a woman and is not a “commodity” to be traded casually.

It was understood that the parents would love their children more than anyone else and protect them from physical harm as well as from being used and manipulated for other people’s benefit. Children’s brains are not developed enough to make life-changing decisions. Does anyone disagree with this?

Therefore, the parents, who are most invested in a child’s welfare, are their legal guardians and make all the legal and life-altering decisions for them. This is to prevent some unscrupulous lawyer or activist who has his own agenda to represent them when they are most vulnerable and impressionable. No parent in their right mind would allow a stranger to come into their house and spend a few hours alone with their child, teaching them who-knows-what. Yet that is what is happening in our public schools.

And the trend is to take (non-abusive) parent’s rights away if they don’t agree with what their children are being taught even at the penalty of going to jail (Look up: Elizabeth Guzman’s bill). The undermining of parental rights was a fundamental strategy in the Soviet Union. Have we gone off-track this far already?

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