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Letter to the editor: Parks and Wildlife should issue Breck woman a citation

Bob Springer

Regarding the “Moose injures woman” story March 30, it was noted multiple times that the woman is a local, indicating she should have known to stay away from the moose. Instead, she chose to harass the moose, getting “very close to the moose” prompting its self-defense response. This incident is no different than the woman harassing a moose in the video on Main Street Breckenridge in February. In this recent incident, this woman decided to hassle the moose, and the moose took action to defend itself. This woman caused the death of this moose by her actions. The moose was only protecting itself and may have lived out its life without another encounter with humans.

The wildlife in Colorado is owned by the residents of our state. This woman’s actions caused the unnecessary death of one of our wonderful creatures. Wildlife do not live among us; we live among wildlife. This is an easy concept to accept, and we should adapt our behaviors to make this possible.

This moose was killed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife using a “protocol” without applying logical thought. Although lacking in detail, the story plainly indicates the moose was only protecting itself from a thoughtless human who was harassing it. Per Colorado Revised Statute 33-6-128, Parks and Wildlife should immediately follow legal protocol and issue this woman a citation for harassment of wildlife.

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