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Letter to the editor: Please replace Morgan Liddick with another conservative columnist

Morgan Liddick’s recent column “On the nature of the republic” (published Oct. 7 in the Summit Daily News) spins some Trumpian whoppers:

“… he has not politicized the apparatus of government and used it for political purposes.”

President Donald Trump faces an impeachment inquiry for doing just that. He pressured Ukraine’s president to investigate a political rival and enlisted Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Energy Secretary Rick Perry, and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani (former American hero as New York mayor on 9/11, now just another political hack) in justifying that effort. A new parlor game: guessing which one(s) Trump will throw under the bus to save himself.

“He has not promised an earthly paradise … and delivered, well, somewhat less.”

Remember the infamous border wall and Trump’s promises that Mexico will pay for it? When Mexico refused, Trump folded like a paper airplane, siphoning millions of dollars from military spending for the wall instead.

Candidate Trump’s promises to balance the budget? Instead, trillion-dollar deficits on his watch, steadily increasing.

“… he generally means what he says.”

Another parlor game, watching Trump’s yes-men (and women) twist themselves into pretzels trying to defend his boorish statements. Recent example: Trump’s clumsy effort to get China to do his political dirty work. Loyalists excused it, saying he didn’t really mean it; he just wanted to annoy the press, which he loves doing. Nice try.

Trump does, indeed, mean what he says sometimes, though, as when he recently described his “great and unmatched wisdom” in betraying Kurdish allies; called himself a “very stable genius;” and referred to himself as “the chosen one” when starting a trade war with China. The dear leader of our cult knows all.

Summit Daily and Summit County Republicans, we enjoy hearing conservative positions on all issues, but can you find someone to explain them who is not hopelessly drunk on Trump’s Kool-Aid?

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