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Letter to the editor: Politics are for politicians, and media should not publish it

As unpleasant a situation the world is in, maybe just maybe we will start to embrace each other rather than exclude our nextdoor neighbor. Many have presented their political position in your opinion pages to remove Morgan Liddick’s column. I could not agree more. I am for equality. Whether it be gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or political views, we should all be treated fairly. The removal of Susan Knopf’s column would be equally justified.

My dad would tell me, “Never discuss politics or religion. It will only cause trouble.” He passed away in 1975, and I doubt he could ever have imagined what the world has come to. It seems we discuss, debate, argue and yell our ideologies to the extent it is now how we judge someone to be a good or bad person. It is not a crime to be left or right wing. You won’t go to jail for it. You will go to jail if you are a thief.

Ideologies are our beliefs, not who we are and should not be confused with one’s character. For character is the most important of all human qualities. I would rather have a friend who has integrity and is sincere — their appearance and their reality are exactly the same — who I can rely on even though we may disagree on how to make this country great yet do not vilify each other in doing so.

We would be far better off if the media on both sides ceased publishing any political views or news whether they be an opinion, fact or fiction. 

I have a dream.

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