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Letter to the Editor: President Biden, please send this letter to the Russian people

Stuart "Boot" Gordon

President Biden,

My guides tell me that President Vladimir Putin has died. If so, this letter you can send to the oligarchy is vital.

To those now in Russia,

Your physicists have discovered a “cloud” that contains “left-hand torsion.”

Our galaxy, solar system and Earth have entered this “cloud.”

This left-hand torsion contains “higher consciousness.”

Higher consciousness is defined as “being thoughtful, kind, loving, creative, beautiful, Godly — not warlike.

Therefore, this cloud will begin the shift to a new era, a renaissance where everyone on Earth will be enlightened (see the “100 Monkey Theory” or “fusion point” in physics).

If we in America and you in Russia adopt a “new” architecture, “new” city planning, “new” economics (synergistic capitalism) where all citizens can become entrepreneurs and rich, and a new culture, we can lead the way by rebuilding the Ukraine (it’ll be cheaper than war) and the world.

Note: Synergistic Capitalism does not require the destruction of communism, socialism, or capitalism. It can exist side by side with them.

No longer do we need the competition between Russia and the West because when we are enlightened, there is only one truth.

Instead, we can have a brotherhood which will usher in the 1,000 years of peace which has been long predicted.

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