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Letter to the editor: Prop. CC would give state legislators a blank check

Garnett Payne
Summit County Republican Women president

Don’t give our state legislators a forever blank check! Vote no on Proposition CC.

What do you do with those blank checks that your credit card company sends you periodically? Perhaps you’ve used one when times were tight and there was an emergency expense you couldn’t avoid. The fine print on the check makes it clear that this is indeed a loan, and as a consequence of using the check there are fees incurred in addition to interest payments if the debt isn’t repaid by a specific time. Responsible adults understand the risks associated with writing these checks. Would you sign the whole stack of them and hand them out to random neighborhood kids trick or treating at your house so they could use them as they please, perhaps holding onto them until they want to buy their first car or pay their college tuition? If you vote yes on Proposition CC, you are figuratively giving a forever blank check to our state legislators. I’m not kidding. This is a very sinister attempt to further deteriorate the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, our right to have a say in how our state government spends money. The intent of TABOR was to keep our state spending within our means, a reasonable expectation for a government or a family. Our lawmakers have found clever (aka dishonest) ways to work around these limits. Our state senators, representatives and governor should be accountable to all of us, the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Proposition CC is a permanent, not temporary, suspension of our refunds. Don’t give our state legislators a forever blank check that our children and their children will have to pay back. Vote no on Proposition CC.

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