Letter to the editor: Protesting is OK now that it supports leftist narrative | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the editor: Protesting is OK now that it supports leftist narrative

I feel so much safer now! A few weeks ago, several dozen mean, selfish, dangerous people were peacefully protesting at various state capitols around the country. They wanted the petty tyrants (i.e., governors, mayors, etc.) to reopen the economy so they could earn a living, feed their families and salvage their lives. Imagine that! Of course, what they really wanted to do was to kill grandma! It’s a good thing the national media and countless lockdown lefties brought this dangerous situation to our attention so we could hide in our safe spaces until it was 100% safe to peek out.

But today, it’s much better. Mobs of thousands, many without masks (except for the antifa types), stand shoulder to shoulder protesting and often rioting for social justice. Burning, looting, hurling bricks, attacking police and shop owners. And they certainly won’t endanger the rest of us with the COVID-19 virus because we agree with their politics and methods. Not a peep out of the media or the lockdown lefties, so it must be good. A New York Times opinion piece even editorialized that stealing, destroying and burning property was not actually violence, and CNN explained that most of the protesters were peaceful — unlike the police, all of whom want to assault innocent civilians. What a relief!

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