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Letter to the editor: Read ballot initiative language and make an informed vote

Robert Peterson

Wow, I did not realize that our elected officials were such savvy marketers. I received my notice of election from the county today and was amazed at the sneaky wording used on some of the ballot initiatives. Two of them actually have wording like “without raising additional taxes” on initiatives that should sunset. I liken the wording to when President Bill Clinton said, “I did not have sex with that woman.” While both statements are legally accurate, we all know the truth. We would not be voting on any initiative if it did not actually increase our taxes.

I guess they also think we won’t notice that all of the initiatives are open ended unlike the previous initiatives. In my opinion, all initiatives should have a lifetime other than perpetuity. Similarly, maybe they think we won’t notice that the tax revenue is not truly earmarked for an intended purpose. I think all of the initiatives, except for Peak 7 paving, provide for our officials to use the money as they see fit. That’s just a sneaky way to increase the overall budget.

We all want more open space, better schools, better roads and healthier lives. Why not ask for increased taxes on the specific needs without the sneaky wording. Who knows, we might actually understand it and approve it. While it might be apparent how I intend to vote, each voter needs to read the ballot initiatives and make an informed vote.

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