Letter to the editor: Recent letters highlight need for courtesy on trails, in stores | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the editor: Recent letters highlight need for courtesy on trails, in stores

The Summit Daily News has published two letters recently that have stuck with me.

The first was about two weeks ago and related to courtesy on the bike paths. The writer of that letter detailed his and his family’s experience with trying to encourage people to say “passing on the left” when they pass. Not hard to do, but apparently a good deal of crass behavior and rudeness ensued. Today, while riding, we had maybe 50% of the people passing announce that. It’s really a safety issue, fellow bikers. People who are daydreaming or less experienced can drift over, and you could hit them and hurt yourself and the other riders.

The second letter was in Tuesday’s paper and tells a story of a shopper at Murdoch’s who asked about mask-wearing after noting shoppers without masks. It is so important that owners of businesses require people in their businesses to wear the mask. Not optional! I realize that business owners want to make a sale; it is so important for the bottom line after the months of shutdown. However, if we have another outbreak of COVID-19, we will see another shutdown and more revenue will be lost. It is worth it to require a mask now for future continuing business.

Thanks to the above letter writers for making good points.

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