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Letter to the editor: Reward creativity, dedication and promises fulfilled

Many years ago, a young man working in our restaurant kitchen created what became our signature desert for the past 35-plus years. We did not ask him if he was a Democrat, independent or Republican; we just rewarded him and kept him as an employee as long as he wanted to stay.

The moral here is that no single political party has all the answers and deserves a straight-ticket vote.

Following the 2016 presidential election, I wrote a letter to the editor that basically said I was not sure who was more disappointed — Democrats or Republicans. Democrats thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and be coronated, and Republicans wondered if this new guy was going to mess up their good deal.

If one really thinks independently, we citizens are all tired of lifetime politicians asking for our vote and promising many things but then going back to their same old ways and forgetting us once they are back in Washington.

While I think President Donald Trump would not be my friend, and I am put off by his antics, he is the only president in a very long time who told us what he was going to do and made good on most of those promises. It makes one wonder what we could have accomplished these past four years if more people would have supported him or any other president like him.

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