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Letter to the editor: Sentence was appropriate for ruining officer’s life

While society today is focusing on releasing criminals for victimless crimes, which I tend to agree with, Jan Goodwin’s letter to the editor (“13 year prison sentence will solve nothing”) is advocating for less prison time for a crime that had a victim. Nathan Finnegan’s behavior that evening when police officer Jennifer Kruse was the victim of his crime has ruined her life. His actions were related to drug and alcohol abuse, not disease in my opinion, and have left her with scars for life, rehabilitation and more. Thirteen years for this young man certainly fits the crime he committed. He will probably be out in half that time. While the victim will suffer for the rest of her life, he will suffer for only six to seven years, all while being possibly rehabilitated at taxpayer expense. Goodwin suggests two times that Finnegan should pay for Kruse’s plastic surgery and counseling. Where is a 22-year-old with a history of drug and alcohol abuse going to come up with the funds for that? In prison, he will be counseled on drug and alcohol abuse. Out of prison, he will more than likely continue the drug and alcohol abuse, and the victim will see no restitution whatsoever.

Judge Mark Thompson did the right thing by putting him prison for 13 years, knowing it will only be half that.

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