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Letter to the editor: Shame on US for allowing food to be plowed under

I am infuriated to learn on MSNBC (Feb. 13) that farmers in the U.S. are plowing under their crops due to the closure of restaurants and the drop in consumer purchasing.

Have we forgotten in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis that people are starving to death in our country and countries across the world every day?

Recently, millions of people lost their jobs across this country and need food assistance more than ever. Yet we are plowing food under?

Why is our government not paying the farmers for this food and then sending this “surplus” of food to homeless shelters across the U.S., or to Africa or the Dominican Republic or anywhere people are suffering from starvation?

The fact that our farmers spend the time, effort and money to grow this food for us but are now plowing it under because they can not sell it?

On what planet does this makes sense?

What kind of people are we that we are letting perfectly good food go to waste when people are dying due to lack of food around the world?

This is wasteful. This is outrageous. This is inhumane. Shame on us. Shame on the U.S. for doing this.

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