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Letter to the Editor: Show up to Breckenridge Town Council and oppose short-term rental caps

Kim McGahey

There is a Breckenridge Town Council meeting Aug. 9 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall where our Marxist Town Council will vote on an ordinance to mandate short-term rental caps in zones within the town of Breckenridge. Please be there to voice your opposition to this government takings and this arbitrary infringement of individual property ownership rights.

Town Council has no empirical data to support these draconian mandates. This is a classic example of elitist government creating a problem where none existed and then providing their social-engineered, top-down solution to that fictitious problem.

Town Council’s only justification for short-term rental caps is that they think there are too many tourists spending money on Main Street. Of course Main Street is crowded — we’re a resort town! We are the place where middle America comes to escape heat, humidity and boring views. But we’re only crowded two months in the summer and four months in the winter. The other six months you can shoot a cannon down Main Street and not hit anybody. Once again, the Town Council tail is wagging the dog.

If we cut off short-term rentals, the local economic engine will collapse and Mayor McCheese’s restaurant (Downstairs at Eric’s) will lose 40% of its business while many other Main Street businesses will fail due to lack of customers who normally would have filled the short-term rental lodging in town. When those businesses close, locals will be unemployed.

Let’s not inflict friendly fire on Colorado’s most successful year round resort. Let blasted, beloved Breckenridge be what it always has been — a place that’s pretty, safe and clean where families come for vacation and investors come to prosper. This short-term rental cap is madness that needs to be stopped.

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