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Letter to the editor: Show you care and save a life by wearing a mask

Jennifer Pedersen

The other day, I informed a grocery store cashier that there were two maskless customers in the store. Her response was, “Yeah, that happens.” “Proper wearing of a face mask could help to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and protect risk groups from infections in a cheap and simple way. … Requiring face masks to be worn decreased the growth rate of COVID-19 cases by about 40% in Germany.” (VoxEU.org.) Face masks work!

I am sick and tired of hearing people say, “Oh well, if I get COVID-19, I’ll be fine. It’s just like having the flu.” No, COVID-19 can result in lung scarring, strokes, heart damage, blood clots, the immune system attacks healthy tissue, arrhythmias and heart attack to name just a few symptoms. Face masks work!

“Not me. I’m too young. I’m too healthy,” you say. Tell that to 41-year-old Nick Cordero who suffered a blood clot that necessitated the amputation of his leg due to COVID-19. He recently died. Tell that to Scarface, a 49-year-old rapper, who suffered kidney failure due to COVID-19. Tell that to the children who are contracting COVID-19-related perplexing inflammatory syndrome.

But you say, “The coronavirus is not really deadly.” Tell that to Lynika Strozier, who overcame a severe learning disability and her mother’s overdose. “Strozier earned two master’s degrees, became an adjunct professor at Malcolm X College in Chicago and was recently recognized by the Field Museum in Chicago for her accomplishments. She died at age 35 due to complications from the coronavirus.”

What are we waiting for? We need to have stores enforce “No shirt, no shoes, no face mask, no service.” Save a life today — your own or someone else’s. Put on a face mask or else we will be facing a forest fire of infection. Face masks save lives!

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