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Letter to the Editor: Sponsors of the Colorado abortion law should not be reelected this year

CJ Milmoe

Summit Daily News guest columnist Susan Knopf’s recent abortion commentary stated: “No one is seeking the right to kill a baby.” No one? Really? 

In April, the Colorado legislature passed the most extreme pro-abortion law in the country. Two legislators who sponsored that law are candidates to represent Summit County in the upcoming election: State Reps. Julie McCluskie and Dylan Roberts. Their law provides:

  • Mothers have a “fundamental” right to have their babies aborted on demand at any time during pregnancy
  • Unborn babies have no rights, not even the right to life
  • Abortion rights may not be restricted    

Knopf rightly states that killing a baby is “dark and grotesque.”  However, she asserts that abortion is generally justified to save mothers’ lives because, according to her source, there are 17 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births. Mitigating the small risk of mortality for a tiny number of mothers cannot justify thousands of grotesque unrestricted abortions.

The extreme McCluskie-Roberts abortion law does not reasonably balance the life interests of pregnant mothers and their babies. The phrase “right to abortion” does not appear in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, so their law does not preserve any “right to abortion” established by that decision. Moreover, Roe expressly provided abortion could be banned upon fetal “viability” — about the 24th week of pregnancy.

The McCluskie-Roberts abortion law means death for thousands of unborn babies and a small potential health benefit for a few pregnant mothers. The primary beneficiaries of their law are the abortionists working for Planned Parenthood and other “clinics” who are richly paid for their grotesque work.

People in Colorado who support reasonable regulation of abortions should hold McCluskie and Roberts accountable and vote against them in the November election.   

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