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Letter to the editor: Summit Middle School empowers students to be courageous

Mikki Grebetz
Summit School District communications coordinator

To continue to build a more respectful and inclusive school culture, Summit Middle School seventh-grade students will be leaving behind their desks and classrooms for a full-day retreat to learn lessons of courage together.

This month, students will be attending the school’s 13th annual Courage Retreat, facilitated by Youth Frontiers. The retreat started in 2007 and is a one-day program with the purpose of helping kids find their personal courage to elevate the whole child through academic and social-emotional growth to become critical thinkers, collaborators and problem solvers.

Through authentic and meaningful activities, this day goes a long way to build our sense of community and school climate, improve student-to-student relationships skills, reduce bullying and help students foster courage and other vital skills. Seventh-graders are engaged to inspire a personal and communitywide commitment to act courageously to make our school a better place and deepen their relationships with peers.

Courage is such a wonderful theme for our seventh-grade students at the halfway point of their middle school careers. Adolescents are shifting from parent-centric to peer-centric focus, and the power of social relationships is enormous. These are unique opportunities to engage and empower youths to act in the power of courage and Tiger PRIDE (positive, respectful, inclusive and dedication to excellence). 

We are fortunate to have local partners who helped make the retreat possible and support students to live courageously in their personal and school lives.

The Courage Retreat is just one piece of our support in helping students to have the courage to be themselves, the courage to do the right thing and the courage to be proud and confident in who they are. This is a key message for seventh-graders but also one that applies to all of our middle schoolers.

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