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Letter to the Editor: Summit School District’s board members are pushing their agenda again

John Surette

Incorporating LGBTQ education for children as young as kindergarten through third grade is a controversial issue. The Colorado Board of Education put this decision on hold because of so much push back from parents. The fact that the Summit School Board voted on this without concern for the community is unbelievable.  

This board obsesses about inclusivity but is quite exclusive. Teaching about LGBTQ to impressionable and vulnerable children is not the place of the school or the state. This decision should be left to parents. There is no reason for it, and this constant wanting to divide people into groups and project onto them that they are marginalized or oppressed is destructive and poisonous. They are pigeonholing these people into a narrative and creating never-ending grievances, resentment and divide.

These are public schools, and they are pushing their radical worldview on children who have no other school options. Would they like it if someone started teaching religion in a public classroom? This is an overreach of parental rights. They believe they know better and want to raise your children for you.  Additionally, the A-F policy makes several ridiculous assumptions that are radical talking points, stating them as fact. Claiming the disparity between racial groups is evidence of systemic racism. What proof do they have? This is correlation not causation. Any normal-thinking person knows, there are endless variables that go into a person’s success — things like home life, motivation of the individual student, parental involvement, language barriers, and cultural differences. 

Being against this policy doesn’t mean you don’t support individual rights. The school should be encouraging acceptance and tolerance of everyone. They do not need to single out individual groups and obsess over them. Encourage antibullying but also teach resilience, strength, and how to overcome.  

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