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Letter to the Editor: Summit School District’s brand of equity causes controversy, we need inclusion

Aaron Grasley

I would like to advocate for a new vision for equity in education at Summit School District. This is not a personal attack towards anyone in the current movement, as I have seen first hand their sincere desire for positive change. I just respectfully disagree with the method for change. 

I am a huge fan of the definition for equity in the district’s equity policy, and it is something most students, teachers, parents, and community members could get united behind: Equity is about serving all children as the individuals that they are. Equity in education is achieved when all students receive the resources they need so they graduate prepared for success after high school. We should direct our equity efforts in-line with this definition and not the politics of the day.

In the Oct. 6 board meeting, it was relayed that some students felt they were controversial. I empathize with them.

It creates controversy to pit one group of people versus another group of people. Division occurs when the powerful pick favor for this group and not for that group. It is controversial to pit minority group against majority group. Nowadays, it even seems controversial to say that “everyone” deserves some respect and consideration. 

The equity policy itself, the way it came to life cannot be called an example of inclusion. The recent equity resolution is another example of manufacturing a divide.  It states in the resolution that the content is not a controversial subject. As brought to light in the board meeting, clearly there is conflict on this topic, it is controversial. The resolution divides people by stating as fact something that is obviously not the reality.

When we divide, we exclude the other side. Let’s collaborate and intentionally include the other side.

Inclusion is the solution!!!

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