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Letter to the editor: Support wildlife migration corridors

John Land Le Coq

As a sportsman, I value Colorado’s wild places that respect the wild animals that live there. As our state’s population swells and more land is developed, it is imperative to consider protecting wildlife migration corridors before they are gone. Development, fences and roads disrupt these important corridors for deer, elk, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, bears and other species I appreciate. 

Colorado has succeeded in helping conserve wildlife migration and significantly decrease traffic accidents on Colorado Highway 9 between Green Mountain and Kremmling. In its first year, the under- and overpasses installed decreased wildlife traffic interactions by 90%. Just think of what that kind of forward thinking, planning and budgeting could do around the rest of the state. 

Please join me in supporting and encouraging our state leaders in future efforts to protect Colorado’s wildlife migration corridors. With continued growth and increased demands for funds, it is imperative to Colorado’s sporting heritage to protect wildlife corridors and save what makes Colorado special to me and so many others.  

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