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Letter to the editor: Susan Knopf column misrepresents views of Christian right

CJ Milmoe

I am amazed that Susan Knopf crammed so much libelous hate and misinformation into her attack on regulation of late-term abortions, such as Colorado initiative 120.

As one of millions of Christian conservatives, I am deeply offended that Knopf falsely asserts the Christian right:

• “Is invading the privacy of individuals, trying to control a personal decision.” Science tells us the baby from conception is a separate human being. Two lives are involved. The abortion decision is not just about the mother’s personal interests.

• “Doesn’t care about the quality of life a mother or child may experience” and “care more about an unborn child than they care about children.” Thousands of Christian organizations (two in Summit County) provide services for mothers and children, including prenatal care, child care, education and adoption services.

• Wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. That decision, which recognized a woman’s right to an abortion before the fetus was viable, also provided that states can prohibit late abortions. Christian conservatives support lawful regulation of the abortion industry, such as Colorado initiative 120. The abortion industry and Knopf oppose any regulation.

Christian conservatives believe that Jesus commands us to love and care for one another, that a baby in the womb is a living human being with a right to life, that no one has a “right” to kill the baby and that states should regulate abortions as the law allows. Knopf says: “Let’s regulate guns, not abortions.” Christian conservatives believe that the government can and should protect human beings from acts of violence, whether perpetrated by an abortionist or a maniac with an AK-47. Even if only 1% of abortions are late, they should still be regulated. If only 1% of gun deaths were school shootings, wouldn’t Knopf still want guns to be regulated?

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