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Letter to the editor: The American flag stands for freedom to express ideas

Mary Caroline Hunt

Isn’t it interesting that when letter writer Dave Brewster (“Don’t let the far-right hijack the American flag”) arbitrarily happens to see a pickup truck driven by an unknown person and flying an American flag, he feels “anxiety,” is concerned and immediately makes unsupported assumptions that the unknown person is a “far-right (person who is) … hijacking our flag to justify their own positions.”

What does the American flag stand for? How about freedom for anyone to express his or her ideas — respectfully, based on that principle. Displaying the flag can also express love of country. It dismisses no person.

Perhaps Brewster makes his reflexive conclusion because these days we usually only see the American flag being burned, trampled, otherwise desecrated and flown upside down by “peaceful protesters” and rioters burning and destroying other people’s property (while demonstrating their right to freedom of expression).

Perhaps Brewster’s fear and judgement of unknown flag fliers is misplaced. The variety of news I’ve looked for has neither shown nor reported on even one single rioter or “peaceful protester” expressing love and respect for America and the freedom the flag represents. Actually, all I’ve read about and seen is bad behavior and curses.

So someone who flies the flag respectfully is automatically “far-right” and their expression suspect? Maybe that attitude is what needs adjusting these days so the American flag stands for all of us.

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