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Letter to the Editor: The separation of church and state is foundational to our country

Janice Vliet

In the 16th and 17th centuries, many of our forefathers came to America for religious freedom. They were escaping the religious mandates of their kings and popes.

Because of that, our forefathers addressed the protection of religious freedom in our Constitution by having the clear separation of “church and state” addressed. The federal government and individual states are “the state” and each religion in America is the “church.” Neither have the right to mandate the religious beliefs of others.

Legally enforcing the Constitutional restrictions on the “state” regarding religion does not mean that any “church” has the right to force others to abide by their religious views. On the contrary, our Constitution guarantees religious freedom to all in America. This isn’t Afghanistan.

When life begins and ends is a religious issue and part of the beliefs of one’s “church.” Some religions believe that life begins at conception. Some religions believe that life begins with the first breath. Some religions believe that life never ends and that death is a part of living.

Our immigrant forefathers clearly addressed the importance of separation of “church” and “state” in the 1700s. Don’t let America be governed by one religious sect. This isn’t Afghanistan, yet. Vote the radical religious right out wherever you can in November.

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