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Letter to the editor: There has never been a president persecuted so unfairly

What do you do when Trump Derangement Syndrome has ruined all your relationships? Friends, family, church members, even ministers — no one understands why a Democrat (now former) and liberal would now support Trump. And even worse, even if you try to explain what you like about him, they either cannot hear it or they send you extensive politically biased and Trump-hating articles to prove they are right. If you tell them some factual good thing Trump has accomplished, they come up with numerous other failings and crimes he supposedly did that make any accomplishments moot. Or they say only money and narcissism motivate him. 

People who want to get out the truth are banned from YouTube and Twitter. The mainstream news media is mostly just propaganda.

And what if you are a very low-income senior, who basically depends on the government to live, as you need your measly Social Security, rental assistance, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps to survive? So you should hate Republicans, right? But, no, Trump is not a normal Republican, either.

You watch as the Democrats have lost their minds and no longer really care about the people. They cause government shutdowns, delay COVID relief money, arrest and persecute their political enemies like Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. They hide evidence that would reveal who Joe Biden really is, and they act like victims when they do not get their way. They panic that the world will end if a highly qualified woman gets into the Supreme Court, just because she is more conservative, yet fair.

There has never been a president so persecuted unfairly: Impeached for something his rival was doing while vice president. Even the FBI is corrupt, hiding criminal information to allow a fake impeachment to go forward.

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