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Letter to the editor: There is no need to rail against the election’s legitimacy

Amy C. Simper

One of the greatest freedoms American people have is that of freedom of speech. There is no law to censor our opinions. Yet there are those who use opinions and words to bend the truth to fit their current needs. I found it curious that Morgan Liddick’s words, had President Trump won reelection, could so easily have been exchanged with the hate of the Republican Party verses Democratic Party, right with left, “tax breaks for wealthy” rather than “soak the rich” and “lock him up” for “Trump bad.” 

This election is over. To cast ongoing doubt will also devalue the wins of various Republican senators that cling to their majority. No one has been robbed from their voting choice. Yet the American public did lose by having to endure such a lack of decorum and hateful rhetoric throughout the campaign. Trump lost by using, among other tactics, his own strategy of dissuading voters to use mail-in and absentee voting, which ironically, he had used himself in previous elections. 

There is no need to rail against this election’s legitimacy unless the goal is to undermine the preset, well-understood rules that govern our democracy. If evidence of voter fraud exists — that judges, so far, have been unable to find — show it with specifics rather than allusions. It is time to move on and allow a peaceful transition of power. Continuing to fan the flames of setting people against one another and spewing vitriol helps no one. Liddick is right about one thing: This is not the United States’ finest hour. Yet, it still can be if we let democracy take its course.

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