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Letter to the editor: Thoughts on disposable bag fees

Karen Degenhart

I tried using my own reusable bags, but I found that I ended up having to buy small-sized garbage bags to use in my small waste baskets. That was kind of dumb, to spend more money buying plastic bags that I already got free and reused all the time.

I end up seeing plastic bag fees as just another tax. Bags from the Rocky Mountains are not going to end up in the middle of the ocean. We can easily donate our unused plastic bags to thrift stores to reuse for customers.

People shopping with food stamps should be exempt, so that they don’t have a few cents bill to deal with. 

Plastic bag fees are just a symbolic action, but in the end they are a waste of the trouble to keep track of the fees and perhaps more trouble to small businesses. 

If we do have plastic bag fees, at least create a special fund so that the money generated can be used to help people in distress or more housing for seniors, people with disabilities and the most poor. 

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