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Letter to the Editor: Tony Jones’ column about Republicans reeks of political cliches

Henry Rissier

In Tony Jones’ recent column, he was asking for someone to tell him why he’s wrong about Republicans. It’s obvious he thinks he has the high ground. I’ve enjoyed a few of his columns, but this one reeks of political cliches.

He starts by alluding that Republicans are threatening Medicare and Social Security. Democrats have used this scare tactic for years. When have Republicans actually threatened these programs? Remember the attack ad with Paul Ryan pushing the old lady in the wheelchair over the cliff? Pretty ridiculous wasn’t it?

Since this rebuttal is limited to 300 words, let’s focus on the biggest misunderstanding: the impact of tax cuts on the economy. Mr. Jones uses the tired, misleading phrase “trickle-down” to attack policies that have always generated positive tax revenues and economic growth. Even before inflation took hold, the U.S. was benefiting from record increases in revenue, gross domestic product growth, wage growth, and the lowest unemployment in decades. Before the Republican tax cuts, U.S. corporations were burdened with the world’s highest tax rates. The cuts put them in a mid range among competing countries. About $1.6 trillion was repatriated from overseas, and U.S. factories were expanded, leading to more American jobs. Reducing burdensome taxes have always led to economic improvements under both Democratic and Republican presidents. Former President John F. Kennedy said, “a rising tide lifts all ships” when referring to his administration’s cuts. He was proven correct.

Most Republicans are not climate change deniers. They want logical, market-based decisions that will truly make a difference.

Finally, Mr. Jones is correct that the Democratic spending spree and reductions in domestic oil supply are the primary reasons we struggle with inflation. Our national debt now exceeds GDP for the first time since World War II. We cannot remain on this path.

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