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Letter to the editor: Truly free press should be reasonably fair and balanced

I agree with Desh Sidhu’s comments in the letter to the editor “Free press is the lifeline of Democracy” (published Aug. 28 in the Summit Daily News), and political cartoons are OK. Expressing your viewpoint is a First Amendment right, but our respect is greatly improved if opinions are credible, fair and balanced. Sidhu admits to being a Reagan Republican to provide credence to his remarks, then weighs in heavily in bashing our president and never once enumerated any positives.

Trump was being honest at the G7 that Putin outsmarted Obama intervening in Syria and also Crimea which is 65% Russian. Thankfully, Trump truly believes we can avoid another crazy Cold War with Russia. Trump is Trump, a unique and quite different personality, unfettered by political correctness and tradition, a vast worldwide business experience, and an inherent instinct to recognize a problem and unusual determination to solve it.

Unlike other presidents, but with an open mic, we all know what he is thinking. He has successfully tackled economic growth and unemployment for everyone, confidence in business environment, eliminated unproductive regulations, supports the unborn and freedom of religion, reducing drug costs and drug epidemic, strengthened our military and veterans benefits, immigration and border security, tax relief, oil independence, new trade agreements with Mexico, Canada, South Korea and Japan, confronted China’s unreasonable trade practices, improved NATO’s defense spending, opened talks with North Korea and is trying to alter the aggressive behavior of Iran.

He is tireless in working for America first, not alone, but our nation and citizens come first as we settle problems. Many do not like how he does things, but I and many agree that it is more important to do the right thing in developing policies than how you do it.

A truly free press should be reasonably fair and balanced to be respected.

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