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Letter to the editor: Trump is ignoring the core lesson of good management

Jack Beckner


Dr. John Howell, in response to your letter to the editor (“I am well-educated and proud to support Trump,” published Nov. 20) let’s keep this friendly, if at all possible. I also consider myself pretty well-educated: Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Ph.D. (engineering). I respect your First Amendment right to support the outgoing U.S. president, but here is why I don’t and did not:

I worked in American industry and in the American finance structure from before the 1973 Environmental Protection Act to well after that. Throughout those two careers, I participated in numerous management training seminars and workshops. In each of those trainings, the common theme was, “Surround yourself with competent people who have opinions differing from your own.” Listen to all opinions without prejudice, and then act accordingly to meet your organization’s objectives.”

So, I’ve noticed that the outgoing U.S. president has claimed to “know more than all the generals (referring to our own U.S. Department of Defense) and said “Trade wars are easy to win” (as our tariffs on imported Chinese goods have risen 20% since he started this trade war early in his tenure). And he has now fired a most competent U.S. security technician because Chris Krebs determined that our most recent election was the “the most secure in our country’s history.” And we now know that last February, when he tweeted that the COVID-19 pandemic was a “Democratic hoax,” he’d already been advised by China in January that it was a dangerous, airborne, toxic virus. So he is still ignoring the core lesson of good management.

Aside from his personal moral character and his tainted tweets and his campaign rhetoric, it’s clear to me that I don’t want my progeny to think that his behavior is a proper one.




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