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Letter to the editor: Vote Gini Bradley for school board

Jaime FitzSimons
Summit County sheriff

Gini Bradley has called Summit County home since 1981. She has spent the past 30 years working for the betterment of children and families in Summit County. As the former director of Summit County Youth and Family Services, Gini worked closely with the District to develop a variety of programs in the 1990s. Those programs included group counseling, the Healthy Choices Program, anti-bulling campaign and the School-Based Health Centers. Gini also facilitated numerous action teams and other groups for the district through the years. More recently, Gini helped create Building Hope, an organization dedicated to reducing stigma related to mental health and improve access to mental health services.

As a school board member, Gini will ensure that the students in the district receive a high-quality education and have an overall positive learning experience as well as ensuring that students have the emotional support they need to develop into caring adults. Gini understands that teachers need access to enhanced training to deliver the best, evidenced-based curriculums. Gini would make it a priority to engage parents in their child’s educational experience through enhanced communication and training. Gini will also work to increase the level of collaboration between the district and other community-based organizations.

Gini also recognizes the difficult challenges that the district faces and understands that finding solutions to these challenges is critical to ensuring that students experience high academic success. Gini believes in the importance of the proper balance between academic achievement standards and the creative learning and emotional needs of students. Gini will advocate for the recruiting, hiring and retention of skilled, qualified teachers and pursue adequate compensation in order for those teachers to thrive in Summit County.

Please join me in supporting Gini Bradley. Vote Gini Bradley for school board.

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