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Letter to the editor: We can say goodbye to our democracy under Donald Trump

Kari Kronborg

To all continued supporters of Trump: We, the rest of the people of these great United States of America, will have you and all the enablers of Trump to thank for destroying our democracy. By your inaction and support, you continue to allow Trump to constantly break the law, divide the country, allow thousands to die as a result of poor management of COVID-19, immigrant children to be separated from their parents, the environment to deteriorate, the economy to crash, freedom of the press to erode, peaceful protests disallowed with unknown federal personnel sent to quash them, and a country where Black and brown lives don’t seem to matter.

You are following blindly, listening to lies just as so many of the German people did during Hitler’s rise to power. Trump talks about all Democrats as far-left communists and socialists while he and all his enablers are being guided and manipulated by Putin and other dictators. Welcome to fascism and the far right. Yes, we will have you to thank! Trump is a narcissistic, racist, lying, con man who is only interested in furthering his business interests and not at all interested in the people of the USA. Per Trump, we have those pesky people on the left (Democrats) like Andrew Cuomo (New York) and Michelle Grisham (New Mexico) helping states like Georgia and Arizona with Republican governors. Hoax, hoax, lies. Yes, keep saying that and say goodbye to our democracy.

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