Letter to the Editor: We must change our hearts to save our nation

Linda Perrotti

America is a land of heroes, a place where greatness is born, where destinies are forged and where legends come to life.

America is a nation carved out of a vast frontier by the toughest, strongest, fiercest and most determined men and women ever to walk the face of the earth. Our ancestors braved the unknown, tamed the wilderness and settled the wild West. They lifted millions from poverty, disease and hunger. They vanquished tyranny and fascism. They ushered the world to new heights in science and medicine. They laid down railroads and dug out the canals and raised up the skyscraper. Our ancestors built the most exceptional republic to exist in human history. We have been given a glorious and magnificent

We are are Americans, pioneers and pathfinders. We settled the new world, built the modern world where everyone is made equal by the hand of “almighty God.” America is a place where anything can happen and anyone can rise. We changed history by embracing God-given truths. Tomorrow is unlimited on this soil, on this land, on this continent.

Most incredible dreams come true. Our nation is a canvas, our country a masterpiece. Our brightest adventures not yet known, unlimited frontiers to be explored, thrilling stories not yet told, magnificent journeys not yet
made, amazing discoveries to be realized. In this age, in this epic,
in this adventure, we have just begun.

Americans, embrace the love of God and humanity that heals, uplifts, and above all brings compassion to all human souls.

Our nation is in crisis! Enough is enough! We can’t change our
nation unless we change our hearts. Complacency stifles any movement forward. Let us mirror the values, the beliefs, the godliness, the work ethic, the visions that they hold so dear.

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