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Letter to the editor: We need to work together to take our world back

Linda Perrotti

The nations are sunk in the pit they have made. Psalm 9:16

The message of Psalm 9:16 certainly applies to our current world situation.There’s little doubt that the countries on our planet are in trouble. The nations have sunk to an ethical morass. Divisions among people and deterioration of values abound. Political quagmires increase every day. The news brings us stories of ugly racism, religious intolerance, terrorism, arrogant leadership by dictators and a casual acceptance of lying and greed. Yes, the nations seem far from contributing to the well-being of

humanity. But then I realize that the nations are made up of people like myself. I am one of those who constitute the nations. I see that I can create a difference by the choices I make. Each move toward good, each decision to live a Christ-like life, each action to help a person in need lifts the nation up. It is time to be digging out!

“America the Beautiful,” not anymore. We’ve demeaned and slandered God. We’ve

bashed our president, we’ve removed school prayer, we’ve washed the ashes off the foreheads of our Christian students. We’ve become a battleground for mass shootings. We’ve become a nation of hate-mongers, fear-mongers and media lies and distortions. I witness more people patronizing liquor stores than attending our churches.

Complacency has reared its ugly head. With it, a corrosive element has stolen our vitality as a nation. I ‘m angry; I hope you are, too. We need to take our world back!

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