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Letter to the editor: We should all be concerned with all forms of extremism

Daniel Garcia writes that he’s offended that local law enforcement “even think they should be afforded any trust when time and time again we are shown the brutality of a systemically racist profession.”

To Garcia, all cops are bad cops and all are racists. And what does he propose? Defund the police. And just what does that mean? Is he advocating a police-free zone such as was created in Seattle where four people were shot and two murdered — one a 16 year old boy? The Wall Street Journal recently wrote that “if liberals won’t stop the Jacobin left (a reference to the most radical and ruthless of political groups during the French revolution and the Reign of Terror of 1793-94) expect a political backlash and social fracture that will make Donald Trump’s Presidency (which the WSJ has frequently criticized) look like a tea party.” 

We should all be concerned with all forms of extremism. Yes, changes are needed, but to be trite, throwing out the baby with the bathwater is not a solution. Garcia only offers criticism and no reasonable solutions. Gov. Jared Polis’ recent signing of the police reform bill is a positive step forward to hold bad cops responsible for their actions.  

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