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Letter to the editor: We were walking a fine line before the pandemic

Richard M. Brock

On Easter Sunday, a Biblical wrath boiled inside of me. Every time I hear someone say “We’re all in this together,” every time I see some poor worker at the supermarket risking his family’s health to stave off starvation, every time I see some overwrought nurse sewing a face mask because her hospital was too profit driven to stockpile personal protective equipment, every time I see a CEO hunkered in his mansion while his employees work the front lines, I fight the rising bile.

And I’m doing OK. I won’t starve. I have options. But many people don’t. And I can’t stop thinking: If I’m having these hazardous urges, what are the more desperate and less restrained among us feeling? How long will they remain silent? How long can bread lines and billionaires exist at the same time? We were already way out of balance before the virus. Now, as we’ve all been ordered to stay home, the little bit of cash that previously trickled down to the bottom has dried up. But the bills still come. The bilge pump is still running, desperately sucking for dollars from the bottom of the barrel. And soon, it will run dry.

Then what? 

Can you really expect a father to let his children starve just to adhere to laws written by the privileged to allow them to hoard all the resources? Eventually, fear of starvation outweighs civility or fear of prison or blind pride in the flag flying over the whole mess. Then someone in the ruling class says something like, “Let them eat cake,” and it all descends into chaos and guillotines on the streets of Paris. 

We were walking that line long before COVID-19. Now, we must pray to God for mercy.

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