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Letter to the editor: What was Liddick smoking when he wrote his last column?

Travis Bennett
Blue River

As a long time reader, I usually make sure I see what Morgan Liddick espouses on. While I disagree with many of his points politically, on the majority of occasions, his column is well thought out and his arguments usually sound.  It begs me to question what he was smoking before he wrote “The illusion of choice in this election.”

While I must agree with the title that our choice is severely limited by the two-party system, nothing in the piece supports that hypothesis. It must be noted, however, that he was right when he said this was not a policy election. I’ve been saying that since early in the primaries. I almost always look at policy when deciding how to vote, but nothing I want accomplished could go forward with the president in office. I am not anti-Republican, just anti-Trump.

As for his declaration this was a “hate” election, I beg to differ. In Colorado, at least, I saw no “hate” in the president-elect’s campaigning. I saw plenty of hate, fear and intimidation from the president’s side. I must say that the current resident of the White House is the biggest hate-mongering public figure since I have been voting: 52 years!

I also think he needs to fact check a bit! There has been no evidence presented that mail-in ballots anywhere were not properly scrutinized. In addition, his speculation that the Democrats changed the rules during voting is patently false. Nevada made the decision to mail ballots long before the voting began. Federal courts ruled specifically in the cases of Pennsylvania and North Carolina that the changes were not too close to the election and were well within Purcell v. Gonzalez guidelines.

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