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Letter to the editor: Why we love Breckenridge

Barry Brower
San Antonio, Texas

My family started coming to Breckenridge six years ago to have a family week so that a multigenerational family could share time together before the grandchildren grew up and left the nest.

We found Breckenridge to be the perfect place. There was fishing, hiking, white-water rafting, ATV adventures and, of course, the natural wonders of Colorado’s wildlife and scenery. But we also found something else: The warmth of the community, safety for the grandkids who could wander the shops alone and the friendliness of other visitors to the area.

This all really came to light last week when one of our grandsons left his wallet on a counter in a retail store. He didn’t miss it until he got back to the house. In a panic, he and his dad went back into town to search the stores the grandson remembered going into. No luck. Returning to the house, one of the others said, “Why don’t you call the Welcome Center?” He did, and they said it had been turned in. He was able to pick up his wallet the next morning at the police department and return to normal living, not one of consternation or apprehension.

We love Breckenridge!

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