Letter to the Editor: ‘Woke’ is a scourge on the United States of America

Maarten Meinders

After reading Mike Galvin’s recent submission, I guess the word “woke” can pretty much be defined depending on the way you frame it.

I like balance, so here is the other side’s definition.

First of all, Republicans do not include “pro-choice” in the “woke” category. That issue has been around for a long time and is simply defined as killing an innocent life. No “wokeness” there. Woke includes redefining history to suit a new political narrative which pits blacks against whites. Banning books and opinions contrary to the woke philosophy by bullying Amazon and social media to censor opposing views. Persecuting political opponents with one-sided justice. Allowing indiscriminate mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, thus suppressing legitimate votes by allowing them to be cancelled by fraudulent votes, so that the Democrats cannot lose elections. Calling opposing views “evil,” and calling men women.

Republicans support all the things Mike calls good: Fair elections, freedom, democracy, truth, loving all people, science. The difference is how people define these things and what solutions they propose.
For example: Treating people of all colors with respect instead of letting activists spout historical disinformation which tears society apart. Preventing voter fraud by maintaining the chain of custody for ballots. Letting people discover the truth by allowing them to consider all information available. Giving all people equal opportunities and help, instead of forcing “equity” (They tried that in the Soviet Union). Respecting parents and not sexualizing young children. Not demonizing legislators because they want a national dialog on how to balance the budget. Not taking away people’s freedoms based on science ideology that has been politicized, where doctors and scientists lose their funding and/or licenses if they don’t follow the party line.

Frankly, after seeing my own optometrist my eyes don’t lie: “Woke” is a scourge on this nation.

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