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Letter to the editor: ‘Yes’ on Proposition 115 and ‘no’ on Susan Knopf

Susan Knopf’s commentary on Proposition 115 shows remarkable ignorance of abortion law and the American legal system. Let’s set the record straight.

The Roe v. Wade decision Knopf cherishes did not create a right to abortion or a “right to choose.” It invalidated a Texas state law that made abortions illegal in all circumstances, because in the early stages of pregnancy, the baby is not “viable.” The decision expressly states that in the later stages of pregnancy, when the baby is viable, a state has the power to regulate, and even proscribe, abortion.

Proposition 115 exercises Colorado’s power under Roe v. Wade to regulate the abortion industry. It does not take any rights away from a pregnant mother. It does protect the baby’s constitutional right to life. 

Decisions on whether, how and when to protect a baby’s right to life are political. It is appropriate for the decision to be made democratically by voters, not by abortionists, by unelected judges or by executive decrees. The people should decide how Colorado will protect a baby’s right to life. 

Like slave owners who said slaves were property, not persons with rights, abortionists want to treat babies as if they have no rights and are merely the property of the mother, removable like an infected limb. A woman’s so-called “reproductive rights,” which are touted in Planned Parenthood advertising, are not found in the Constitution. The abortion industry has no right to practice unregulated infanticide by any name. Still the industry is spending millions to protect its economic interests and stop Proposition 115.

Vote “yes” on Proposition 115 so Colorado will join the 43 states (including the liberal bastions New York and California) that regulate abortion and protect babies from the money-grubbing abortion industry.

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