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Abernethy: Horse feathers to BLM’s helicopter scheme

The Bureau of Land Management states that the only way they can sterilize some horses is by rounding them up . . . by helicopter! This is the most expensive and ignorant solution to the wild horse population problem. The Department of Interior really is acting like a horse’s ass. BLM relied to heavy on adoption levels. Next they picked the wrong solution. Helicopter round ups and then holding pens. I would suggest running some cowboys and a vet or two out to each range on a regular schedule. If they are not good enough with a rope (we know the BLM boys aren’t) then bring a tranquilizer gun. Cut some colts and inoculate some mares. Give some employment to some folks other than an helicopter pilot and save a few lamed up traumatized horses. Funny thing about horses, is that they can run down another horse with a cowboy on their back. But you don’t learn that in college. BLM spokesman Tom Gorrey lamented in the Aug. 19 Summit Daily News that, “Overall what we see is a constant barrage of anti-BLM propaganda from bloggers who don’t really have an answer for any of the issues facing us.” The BLM is looking for answers to complex questions on blogs? The BLM is supposed to be the final authority and expert on the lands they manage and welcome public opinion as well. If community organizations want to help, find a way to utilize them in meeting your objective. Gorrey, as the BLM Agency spokesman, makes the agency look like they are clueless as well. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest solution. But try telling that to a guy that doesn’t know how to sit on a horse.

Kent Abernethy


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