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Abrams: U.S. immigration reform shouldn’t yield to poltical spin

Well, another political polarizing article from John Young in the SDN editorial page “GOP solidly pro-tortilla.” I am slowly but surely getting to understand why John Young the “longtime Texas newspaperman” now lives in Colorado.

Now there is a “immigration reform “ legislation passed by the US Senate and now under consideration in the US House of Representatives to address the issue of “immigration” and hopefully there is true leadership in the Congress to pass legislation that fairly and comprehensively addresses this issue. The long-term political stakes on this issue are very high, as whichever party is perceived as the “villain” will be negatively impacted for years to come in the political process.

Under current law for US citizenship for applicants seeking citizenship is, “Applicants must know how to read, write, and speak English, and are required to pass a civic test on the history and government of the United States,” which I hope is keep intact under any new legislation that maybe enacted.

Mr. Young goes on further in his article to attack the GOP for the Supreme Court’s recent ruling to strike down the pre-clearance component the 1964 Voting Rights Act as the “GOP returning to the Jim Crow days of the post civil war.” In fact the Supreme Court struck down most of 1964 Voting Rights Act, saying that the Congress of the United States needs to enact new legislation in light of present day circumstances and technology.

With that said, why would a US citizen who cannot read, write, and speak English expect special treatment at the voting booth. You cannot board a commercial aircraft, buy a bottle of alcohol, cash a check, etcetera without a photo ID. The technology is readily available to provide those citizens that need one, a photo id.

Wake up America! We are a country of immigrants and always have welcomed them. All we ask is to follow the rules. Don’t let any political party “dumb you down” with skewed facts that gray the issues.

Check it out independently and think smart.

Chuck Abrams


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