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Abrams: You can’t negotiate with Iran (letter)

Re: Mike Littwin’s column “Why Bennet slogged toward supporting the Iran-nuclear deal”

There are so many hypocrisies in the article that I am not sure where to begin.

Let’s start with that rejection would mean betraying our partners in the deal. China and Russia want a deal that will continue to weaken America and erode our influence in the world and, along with France and Germany, reopen trade with the Iranians to get some of that $150 billion dollars the Iranians will receive.

This deal gives that to them! Sen. Michael Bennet didn’t ponder over this decision — he is the tank with the other 35+ Democratic senators who have signed on because most of them don’t want to face the wrath of the Obama administration if they don’t go along!! Check out what’s happened to Sen. Bob Menendez, Democratic senator from New Jersey.

Every national poll taken since this deal was announced shows that almost 60 percent of the American people think this is a bad deal, and it appears these senators are not listening to their constituencies. We wonder why nobody trusts Congress.

Why is it that Mike and people on the left continue to believe that you can negotiate with evil? The current Iranian regime is evil and untrustworthy and has demonstrated it many times over the past 40+ years. World history tells the same story, and, yet, the left continues down this path. Have they forgotten Hitler, Stalin and the other despots of the 20th century? You cannot negotiate with evil, you can only eradicate it. If you don’t eradicate it quickly it will only grow and make the task that much more difficult in the future.

Now, this deal is probably going to get done, and the Iranians will get their nuclear bomb — I predict sooner rather than later — and the world will much more unsafe and stressed out than it is today. Shame on us the American people for letting our government put us in this situation. Think about this when you go to the polls in November 2016.

Also a question for Mike: Have you ever met a Republican that you liked?

Chuck Abrams


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