Altman: American shouldn’t swallow tea party’s poison pill |

Altman: American shouldn’t swallow tea party’s poison pill

I would like to answer the question, “Who are the obstructionists?” It is clearly the Republican congress. More specifically the small group of tea partiers, who represent predominantly wealthy, white, religiously right-wing districts, which have vowed to obstruct any legislation or position put forward by a President that has been re-elected by a majority of the people.

The Affordable Care Act is a law that has been passed since 2010 and upheld by the Supreme Court as constitutional. Though the law is not perfect, it is a start. As the father of a diabetic, a 19-year-old and the husband of a wife who has survived cancer, “Obamacare” will have a direct benefit for my family. Affordable health care should be a basic human right; as it is in almost every other industrialized nation.

The Republican Party is not trying to put forward a plan to improve the law. They have not proposed a better law. They simply do not want affordable health care for Americans. I wonder if this has anything to do with the lobbyists from the health care industry, insurance companies and the drug companies that line their pockets.

The obstructionist Republican Party has decided that this country will shut down because the President and Senate will not re-negotiate a health care law, during a budget process, which passed three years ago. If they want to change the law, then they should do that through the process of government that was set up to create and modify laws — congress!

The tea partiers are like babies, saying “If I don’t get my way, nobody can play.” It is time we tell them that we don’t want to play with them anymore. Call and message your congressman/woman and Senators in the Republican Party and tell them to govern by the will of the people, not by the will of a few radical tea partiers and that you will remember who they sided with come election time.

James Altman


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