Aragon: Cory Gardner is too partisan to represent Colorado’s interests |

Aragon: Cory Gardner is too partisan to represent Colorado’s interests

When I read the endorsement of Cory Gardner by the Denver Post, I realized that partisanship does not stop in Washington. It is also apparent in the Denver Post’s endorsements in the editorial pages. Cory Gardner has voted with the most partisan members in the U. S. House of Representatives from the time he was elected Colorado’s U. S Representative.

1. He voted to replace Medicare as we know it by providing vouchers to seniors to buy their own medical coverage through private insurance companies.

2. He voted for Paul Ryan’s 2011 budget that called for massive cuts in Social Security benefits and opposed protecting the program from privatization.

3. He voted to shutdown the government in 2013 that increased the deficit by $24 billion.

4. He voted to slash $750M from CDC funds that could have helped CDC to be better prepared for Ebola

5. He voted to defund Planned Parenthood limiting women’s access to cancer screening, mammograms, and preventive care.

6. He voted against the pay check “Fairness Act” which would ensure that women would not be paid less than men doing the same job.

7. He Co-sponsored Personhood legislation titled “Life Begins at Conception Act” making abortion a crime even in cases of rape and incest.

This is a short list of Cory Gardner’s voting record. Cory Gardner is not the person I want representing me in Washington. I want someone who can work in a bipartisan way to get this country moving again in the right direction. Senator Mark Udall is that person. He is a thrust worthy leader that I can count on to do what is best, not only for Colorado, but what is best for the entire country.

Corina Aragon


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