Babich: The facts on Ruby Placer (letter) |

Babich: The facts on Ruby Placer (letter)

It is time to sell to the public, and facts seem to be in short supply. However, a quick review of the documents on the town of Blue River website show a much different picture than what is being presented by the developer and landowner. Everything I will cover below can be found publicly, take a look for yourself.

Developer claim: “Ruby Placer is a residential community- there will be no commercial property.”

That’s false. The project map of the “Staff Report Ruby Placer annexation”, on page 7 of 18, shows “Commercial/Multi Family 2.5 acres” adjacent to highway 9.

Developer claim: “Ruby Placer is NOT a high density development…”

That is false.

They are asking for 68 units to be developed, but only 23 are allowed. From the same report noted above: “Overall maximum density of 68 residential units, excluding two caretaker units.” However, the reason the county rejected the proposal is due to a development code requirement that, according to the size of the land, much less density should be allowed. From another report on the town site: “It should be noted that Summit County disputes the validity of the 1966 subdivision plat and believes the current density allowed by Summit County is 23 units.”

Developer claim: “Ruby Placer will be built in the same location regardless of the vote on September 15th.”

That is false.

From the “Ruby Placer Annexation Agreement” on the town site- Section “2”, item “a” states “The owner submission of the annexation petition is specifically conditioned upon the zoning classification of the property being approved as PRD…” This means they will withdraw the petition if they do not receive the triple density they are asking for. The county has already rejected the notion.

I could go on, but there are too many false claims to fit into this letter. Please read for yourself, and vote NO. We can do better than this as a community, and deserve better from our leaders.

Toby Babich

Blue River

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